To Entertain Your Pet When You’re Not At Home

The PetCube WiFi camera lets play with your pet when you aren’t home.

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Well, the dog chewed up your sneakers again, and the cat chewed through your brand new lightning cable which you bought last week because she devoured the last one in no time at all. It sometimes makes me wonder if sneaker and cable and carpet manufacturers put some special sauce on their products to make them irresistible to pets. I suppose some of this destructive activity is because our pets don’t get enough exercise and not enough stimulation. But how much is too much and how little is too little? Buster and Buster (Yes, I gave both my dog and my cat the same name) Buster #1 is the dog, and Buster #2 is the cat. Both get along well with each other and have a swell time wrecking the place. So every time I head to the store or work for an extended period my anxious worry creeps upon me, and I wonder what new device, cable, chair or rug, etc., the pets have found fascinating to destroy.
I was not searching for a solution to this problem, but a solution presented its self in the form of a product called the petcube camera. This excellent device will not only allow you to see and check-up on your pet but also interact with your pet. A built-in laser gives you hours of interactive fun with your cat or dog. You can use the iPhone or Android app to watch, talk to and play with your pets no matter where you are. The pet cube beautifully designed with brushed aluminum and curved corners, so it looks great in any room of the house. When you can’t play in real time, the pet cube has an auto play feature to keep your pets entertained. With the optional Petcube Care subscription ( a cloud-based video recorded timeline) you record, rewind and review 10 or 30 days of video history. A free 1-month trial comes with your purchase. Don’t forget the social media sharing options available, and you can share to your favorite media with the hashtag #petcube.

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