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The Cute Puppy: The Animal Superstar Photos

The Blessing of the Pets

The Feast of St. Francis Of Assisi

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Charlie-the-Chihuahua-Mix puppy
Charlie is the love of my life. My children are grown and left home and I have been trying to fill the void in my life. I was not sure about an inside dog because I always have dogs that are outside pets. As you can see, I gave it a try and Charlie is the best thing in the the world to fill that empty spot in my heart!

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Kuma-the-Alaskan-Malamute puppy
My name is Kuma. I live in Manhattan. Don’t worry, I get a lot of exercise and I make sure my parents keep the home at a balmy 60 degrees! My sister, Chloe, and I wrestle all the time. I also have a girlfriend, Riley, that I snuggle, kiss, and play with. I’m looking forward to winter to play in the snow and pull my sister in a sled. Some of my favorite things are peanut butter, ice cubes, howling, and leaves blowing in the wind.

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Riley-the-Golden-Retriever puppy
Hi, my name is Riley! I am full of energy but also enjoy long naps on my front porch. I love to play with pine cones I find on the ground and tear apart newly planted plants. I just learned how to sit! I love treats and I will guarantee you that I can rip apart your shoe in a matter of hours. My guilty pleasure is chewing on wine corks! I am surrounded by many people who love and care for me. I am one very lucky girl.

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Isabella-the-Australian-Shepherd puppy
My name is Isabella, but I go by “Izzy” for short. I like chewing on my older sister Maddie and destroying her toys, cuddling with all my favorite people, napping, howling along with songs, and eating everything in sight. I’m not the most athletic dog, but I have excellent balancing skills and can walk around on my hind legs like nobody’s business.

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Ray-the-Mixed-Breed puppy
Hi, my name is Ray and I am a boxer / pit mix. I am my mommy and daddy’s Ray of sunshine and I hope I can be yours too! I love being outside and running through the hiking trails near my house, although sometimes my legs trip me up. I love being around people and playing with my dog friends. I am growing fast and starting to take up most of my parents’ bed!

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Duke-the-Boxer puppy
Hi, I’m Duke the boxer! I’m currently 8 weeks old and weigh 8 pounds. I love to romp around in the soft grass in my back yard, but I’m most relaxed whenever I’m cuddling with my mom and dad on the couch. I have a sister Leyna the cat, and we love to chase each other. Don’t confuse our chasing with hatred, though, we are really best friends! My favorite toys are Mommy’s shorts and Daddy’s shoes, of course! I’m a lover and never meet a stranger!

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Louie-the-Golden-Retriever puppy
Hi there! My name is Louie and my family loves me very much. I like to romp around and redecorate this whole place with my teeth, and, let’s face it–these human beings have no taste whatsoever. They still insist that I’m “ruining the furniture”. Ha! Also, I love my toys, especially my yellow elephant. And swimming–if you have a pool or lake feel free to invite me any time. And I love to cuddle!

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Bodie-the-Goldendoodle puppy
Hi! My name is Bodie and I live in northern Virginia. I’m only 12 weeks old but I love to play in the grass, go to puppy kindergarten, chase leaves on the ground, chase my tail, and eat! I’m really sweet and love attention–maybe I should have been named Ham. I already know how to sit and play fetch, which is pretty darn smart for a little pup like me. I was named after the Olympic skier and I can’t wait for snow trips this winter.

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Hadley-the-Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel puppy
Hadley was born in Texas but traveled all the way to California so that she could lay in the sunshine year round. She loves to play with her toys and and run around the house. Hadley is happiest when she can rest her chin on your face and give you kisses. She loves dancing when it is time to eat, and she likes to hide socks whenever she gets the chance.

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Duke-the-Rhodesian-Ridgeback puppy
Meet Duke! He is our adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback who has filled our home with so much love! We got him at nine weeks old, and he has already learned so much as a young pup. He loves to play in our yard but will always want to be right next to wherever we are. His favorite game is tug of war, but loves to go for walks around our neighborhood to meet new friends. He is learning very quickly, but put those treats away as he only wants love and cuddling as a reward! He is only under 30 pounds now, but will grow to be just about 100. We will need to get a new couch just for our big boy! We couldn’t be happier with our puppy Duke!

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Shiloh-the-Australian-Shepherd puppy
My name is Shiloh and I just joined a new family. I really enjoy ice cream and posing for pictures. A favorite past time is running around and biting anything I can get my piranha teeth into. I generally am relaxed all day until it comes time to wake up or go to sleep. I am very lovable and am thoroughly enjoying my puppyhood. I know how to sit and love walking down Main Street; still getting used to the leash though.

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Breaker-the-Golden-Retriever puppy
My name is Breaker. I was originally named for breaking waves, which makes sense because I spend all my time in my personal pool outside. My family believes that the name also fits with my habit of making anything and everything into my chew toy. Brooms? Bottles? Computers? Toes? Yes, I love them all. I also like snuggling up with everyone on the couch after a dip in the pool. Or on any of the vents in the house, which I find cool you better when sleeping on your back.

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